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Helpful Counseling Websites

Cloud-Townsend Solutions for life- Henry Cloud PhD & John Townsend PhD-
Family Life Today- Dr, Dennis Raniey-
Focus on the Family- James Dobson, PhD – 
Strong Families- John Trent, PhD-
American Association of Christian Counselors- Tim Clinton, EdD-
New Life Ministries – Steve Arterburn, MS – 
Focus on the Family- James Dobson, PhD -
Hope for the Heart- Dr. June Hunt-

Key Life Network- Dr. Steve Brown - 

Smalley Relationship Center- Gary Smalley, PhD –

Real Relationships- Les Parrott, PhD & Leslie Parrott, PhD
E-Counseling- Anthony Centore, PhD-
Highly Healthy Person with Walt Larimore, MD-
Storm Stress Recovery- Dwight Bain, MA-


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