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A Caring Place

Standing Alone Together!

We’re here to support and educate individuals, couples and families who need a caring place to go!

Individual Peer Support with Peer Advocate Specialist

A Peer Advocate Specialist is an individual who has been skillfully trained in specialized care to work with others facing various hurts, hang-ups and heartaches. Men and women are available to meet with a client, assess his/her needs, and offer a realistic plan for personal growth and healing.

Marriage & Family

Healthy marriages and families are the foundation of thriving communities. When marriages break down, the family unit becomes broken. While it can be challenging to face sensitive marital issues or troubling family concerns, help is available.

Substance or Alcohol Abuse

Struggling with addiction is difficult. We make the road as easy as possible. Making a phone call is the first step to finding hope and help in a confidential and compassionate setting.


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